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Colt Gear - Expandable Butt Plug Sex Toy Product

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Colt Gear - Expandable Butt Plug

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(19 Reviews)
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MSRP:  $33.99
Price:   $27.99
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Product Details

  • Weight: 6.80 Ounces
  • Width: 1.50 Inches
  • Length: 4.00 Inches
  • Functions: Inflates
    Inflates - Expands by a squeeze pump and deflates by an air release valve.
  • Materials: Latex
    Latex - A natural or artificial rubber substance that comes from the sap of the rubber tree. Liquid Latex is a liquid form of latex painted directly on the body. The majority of fetish garments are made of latex.
  • Color: Black
  • Shapes: Tapered
    Tapered - Narrows at a point.
  • Manufacturer: Cal Exotics
  • Brand: Colt
  • UPC: 716770030719
  • SKU: SE6870-00
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Product Description

Latex and rubber inflating butt plug with easy purge valve. Measures 4" Insertable length and 1.5" wide and 4" wide inflated.

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19 Reviews
Guy Verified Buyer
Feb 18, 2013
Wish for more
I have been playing with this for several months. Great way to get prepped for the really big toys. I like it big, so I kept experimenting with the inflator, 15 to 20 pumps is really great, but at 25 it popped in my ass. It didn't hurt, but I am bummed. It would be nice if it was constructed with a thicker guage of rubber.
Phil Verified Buyer
May 12, 2012
All it was advertised to be.
Once I found the right lube and position for inserting this product, it has given me a lot of pleasure. For all of you local guys, I now feel ready to take on the real thing.
love it in the ass Verified Buyer
May 4, 2012
thanks to the reviews i ordered and
love it. my 1st pump up toy and it's amazing to play with. go slow and enjoy the whole new feeling you can have with this pump up
shoni Verified Buyer
Apr 18, 2012
good one
very very good toy. fun and sexy in the hand of your partner
Niptuck_Barbie Verified Buyer
Feb 20, 2012
One time use only
This was great the first couple times, but after that the valve does not stay in place and pops off. If you are into anal sex and want your partner to be able to enjoy playing with you, this is not a good choice in my opinion. I used it on my own and it did not make it to foreplay, it was not durable enough. The inflatable part is already messed up like there is air stuck in it and I take very good care of my toys. It is a great toy when it works, but other then that use it to warm up or maybe even for a beginner, but not for actual play . IT does not take wear and tear at tall, more of a one time use only type toy.
j & t Verified Buyer
Aug 20, 2011
hey, it works.
The wife and I where looking for something to make anal go easier for her. well, to start it WORKS GREAT! We tried it out the very first night and every other night sense we have used it with better results everytime. on the very first night after playing with our new toy for an hour. I was able to go in balls deep on the first thrust. (Which I have never ever been able to do before on any number thrust) she could hardly take two fingers at once for the past two years. by the end of second time we used this wonderful toy she could take a 2.25 dia butt plug. with a lot of lube and a little more stretching. not painful in any way though. we are a few times beyond that point now and all is still going great. now she loves anal.
Wolfmoran Verified Buyer
May 24, 2011
Everyone should have one!
This Product is great for 1 to 2 to a sex fest, The Expandable head is a amazing,it cums with a pump and a release buttom on hose. Which is a bonus. Fun is a waiting for you! Go hard or Go home !
Alex Verified Buyer
Apr 4, 2010
I absolutely love this toy, it is tied with my large njoy plug for favorite. It feels great and I love the way it stretches me out. Its size is great because you can start small and really "expand" your limits. I only wish that it was thicker because I get nervous after 15 pumps even though it feels absolutely incredible. I highly recommend it though.
Horny for Dick Verified Buyer
Mar 3, 2010
Anal Play Beginner
I am not very experienced with anal play and that may be the reason why this plug did not work right for me. It is not soft and so does not contour to your ass, however I noticed that if you pump it twice before you play with it, it becomes easier to use. It seems like it would be harder to insert by inflating but due to it becoming softer, actually contours a bit better and allows for nicer play. I will keep on using it for now and hope I get to enjoy it as much as others on here have.
kw Verified Buyer
Jul 3, 2007
Review of SE6870-00
Well it is just what is says and well worth the money. Lubbed it up and myself and slid this big boy in and begin You get one really full feeling after about the second pump. I have never gone over four pumps while inside..yet. I was afraid it would burst, but pumping without inserting it gets as big as my arm..I prefer it on three pumps and can cum in a big hurry as I feel the best ass pressure I could ever imagine. one great cum.
Jamie Verified Buyer
Mar 18, 2007
Review of SE6870-00
Works great. I was concerned about it getting too big and hurting myself, but it provided safe stimulation even with 10 pumps. Tried using it in combination with an enema, also works perfectly. Highly recommended.
Huber Verified Buyer
May 8, 2006
Review of SE6870-00
I used it for about a month and it was great! but the base was to thick to walk around with. and it blew up (luckly not inside me) but it was ok for a while
bret Verified Buyer
Jan 31, 2006
Review of SE6870-00
Just got the Colt in the mail today. I have to tell you Im impressed. Works very well. Slides in easily with lots of lube. Securely stays in place with no effort even while walking. Well worth the money. I can see it working for novices as well.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Oct 17, 2005
Review of SE6870-00
WOW! This thing gets big!! Im not sure if I pumped it up all the way but it sure will expand your horizons.
C.T. Verified Buyer
Sep 9, 2005
Review of SE6870-00
Have used this inflatable butt plug several times since it arrived (descreetly packaged) and it has been an exceptional experience with each expansion. Useing the Colt personal lube allows this compact butt plug to slide right into place and it remains comfortable as it is inflated, due to the tapered design before the wide base, allowing retention of the plug without any effort. Slow pumping of the hand bulb gave me a gradual increasing fullness and is the best way to begin; I found; until I found a personal favorite inflation size/rectal pressure. Once that was found, quick full pumping of the hand bulb to that point (8 times) gives me a wild rush everytime! I use this inflatable butt plug for self-masturbation sessions... and it is incredible! Product is as described and seems fairly well-made for many sessions of full-fillment. A very rectal pleasing item for a reasonable price. Would recommend for novices; like myself; wanting to see what anal filling is all about, since you control the size and pressure.
Spud Verified Buyer
Aug 31, 2005
Review of SE6870-00
This butt plug will fill you up to a very nice feeling. i use this all the time before I fuck myself with longer, and bigger dldos. Nice.
Rusty Verified Buyer
Aug 25, 2005
Review of SE6870-00
Smaller than I expected but still VERY NICE. Easy to use, easy to insert and it does get big! 2 Thumbs Up!
north24 Verified Buyer
Aug 23, 2005
Review of SE6870-00
I dont have a lot of anal experience yet, but Im working on it. This was interesting because it inserts fairly easily but the inflating experience really blew my mind. It stretches you much quicker then a regular buttplug. And once you get it all the way in so your bung hole grabs the small part, you get a stretching sensation in your ass, but not your asshole. Very nice.
curious george Verified Buyer
Feb 19, 2005
Review of SE6870-00
i bought a very similar product at a local shop and it is amazing. it allows you to completely fill yourself without the pain that comes with streching your sphincter. it recommends no more than 4 pumps, probably so it wont break, but at 8 pumps, i saw stars. amazing

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