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Dual Penetrator Vibrator Sex Toy Product

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Dual Penetrator Vibrator

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(22 Reviews)
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MSRP:  $34.99
Price:   $28.19
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Product Details

  • Weight: 8.10 Ounces
  • Width: 0.80 Inches
  • Insertable Length: 5.00 Inches
  • Features: Multi-Speed
    Multi-Speed - A toy that has varying levels of vibration speed.You are able to control the level of speed based on your preference.
  • Functions: Vibrates
    Vibrates - A balanced motion with no change in pattern.
  • Materials: PVC
    PVC - PVC, sometimes referred to as jelly, is a plastic made more flexible and soft by the addition of plasticizers or phthalates. Some odor is usually detectable with PVC toys. Use soap and warm water or toy cleaner to disinfect.
  • Color: Blue
  • Shapes: Phallic ,
    Phallic - Resembles a penis.
    Double Ended
    Double Ended - Has two usable sides.
  • Powered By: AA Battery
  • Batteries Required: 2
  • Manufacturer: California Exotic Novelties
  • UPC: 716770024848
  • SKU: SE0834-12
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Product Description

Soft and pliable, this jelly stimulator has two flexible probes, one for the front and one for the rear. It's ultra powerful, multi-speed, and multi-orgasmic! The penis is 5 inches in length, while the anal probe is 4.75 inches in length. The vibrator sits right at the base of the probes so the dual stimulation is incredible!

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22 Reviews
Blackettle Verified Buyer
Dec 13, 2012
Ooops I thought it was for sharing
I bought this for my wife and i to use together but it's not quite designed that way. We just couldn't quite get close enough for it to work. So she got all the fun. As with a lot of jelly toys the vibe isn't super strong.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Nov 10, 2012
Boyfriend Helper
As someone who was a little fearful of trying Anal Sex, my Boyfriend brought this home one day...It was just what I needed...He used the Vaginal part to get me excited, and was then able to hold and caress me as he slowly slid the anal probe in...After a couple of weeks, I've been able, with his help, move up to larger dildo's...Instead of being fearful, I'm actually looking forward to the first time with my love's ACTUAL cock...
Webcam model Verified Buyer
Nov 10, 2012
Didn't last long
Was nice for the first two weeks. The jelly doesn't feel too good during penetration and the anal probe has to stay still when the balls are in you because it hurts to move them in and out. Eventually, and for NO REASON at all, the vibration stopped working (even with new batteries.)
Devin Verified Buyer
Aug 8, 2012
I filled out a questionaire my friend prepared for me!
When you first opened it, what was your initial reaction? Hope I like this thing! Did it look threatening, even in the blue color? No it's a good color What did you think about the material it was made out of? The material is what I would expect a product like this to be made out of What frame of mind did you have to be in to prepare? Read a few chapters of a dirty book What were your exact words when you first held it? I don't think I said was heavier than I thought it would be. Were you worried about that the beaded portion may hurt in any way? no the size wasn't scary Did you have to use "assistance (lube)"? yes for the back portion how did you have to position yourself to best use it? (back, stomach?) back The first time you used it, did you go one end at a time, or just both in at the same time? Started out one at a time then both Which end did you have to place first? the front end first then the back How about when you've used it recently, one at a time, or both? I would use both or just the front at times of the 10 times you've used it, did you use both ends every time? I've used it once and yes I used both Have you ever tried using the ends in reverse? (beads in the front, smooth in the back) No I didn't try that yet Is it better just to have one end in vs both? Both, definitely added more sensation Would you/have you just used the beaded end only? I would try it but I would prefer using either both or just the front part How difficult was it to get the beaded end in? not difficult at all Was the beaded end rigid enough? yes it is rigid enough and the perfect size what other toy do you have right now and how is it different? I only have a vibrator other than this, it's better to stimulate the clit Do you have any other toys like this? yes, one Is this the first time you yourself have put anything "back there"? no What was your initial reaction to the beads? Took me a min to get used to it but I like them Do you like the beads? yes Did you get the beads end all the way in? yes Do you think this woulda been better if the back wasn't beaded? no I don't think so when you used it, did you "move it", or just stationary? moved it, kind of have to... how did the beads feel goin in and out? good Did you think the beads were too small? No I thought they were the perfect size Do you think you can handle bigger beads? probably, but I think these are fine Were you able to have one? (finish) Yes Did you need the beaded end in to be able to finish? no, I just had to move the front around to finish
2 olde seniors Verified Buyer
Mar 21, 2012
This was FUN!
This was fun because it was NEW toy concept 4 us. First, we put too much jelly on jelly stimulator and it kept popping out of anus. Then, the battery cap fell off. Re-loading batteries takes a little bit of the performance edge. Which probe do you put in first? Another fun experience was to determine what position of woman was best. Legs spread and on back, or flat on tummy or sideways. Throughout this, anal probe kept popping out. Expected moans became giggly laughter. After 30 minutes of experimentation, we retired for the night. It definitely would be better next time, she said. Yeah, I said, if I can learn to operate this thing. I was thinking this script would be a great XXX comedy. Send it to "Borat" I bet he can make a winner out of sex toys.
Ranman Verified Buyer
Mar 16, 2012
Awesome dual experience.
I truly enjoyed using this as a pleasurable device and anal trainer for my wife. And she really enjoyed the results!
Shane Verified Buyer
Jan 29, 2012
Don't Bother
Upon receiving this product I was very disappointed. We didn't even bother to take this one out of the packaging.
ramhard Verified Buyer
Dec 24, 2011
Decent enough, I would rather it be stronger but I say that about all toys. Anal probe is a decent length. Love the material, very smooth and inserts with little or no lube.
Big Dipper Verified Buyer
May 10, 2011
HOLY $#!@
I purchased this product for my wife as a surprise trying to get her to try anal. Boy did it work! This product is great for double penetration while performing oral on her clit! I highly recommend this product. She has just about run down the motor on this thing! Its gets her off everytime in no time!!
Phil Verified Buyer
Dec 30, 2010
Great Product
I used this on my ex girlfriend a while back. She loved it. She wasn't very experienced in the "backdoor", let along dual penetration, but once I used this toy on her she was bucking and screaming. She loved the beads, and they went in and out of the back. It led to another anal purchased. Thank you!
Carmen Verified Buyer
Oct 1, 2008
Review of SE0834-12
I love this dual penatrator. The beads feel so good in the back and it gets me worked up for a good orgasim. Normally I cant cum with just a vaginal penatration but with the Crystalessence the beads in the back are intense and the sensation is incredable
Carmen Verified Buyer
Sep 26, 2008
Review of SE0834-12
I didnt know how much of a fan I was of dual penetration until my guy used this toy on me. It gives me great orgasms and im completely satisfied and ready to pass out when im done. The beads in the back slip in and out so easily and feel great. I would highly advise this toy to anyone who wants to be satisfied in more than one way. Oh yeah, before i forget, I love the vibration too:).
Laura Verified Buyer
May 26, 2006
Review of SE0834-12
Oh my God!! This was my first toy ever! I love it! Never had double penetration before! This really satisfied my curiousity! I use it with a vibrating cock ring I bought from this site as well! I have used it many times by myself and have even gotten my shy husband to help me! He finally let me use it in him! He was sooo shocked at how good it felt! Now he is hooked too! The anal portion could be a little stronger.....but works for us! Thank you thank you thank you! Best orgasms ever!!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Apr 13, 2006
Review of SE0834-12
This toy caught my eye because who doesnt want double penetration? Well, when I received it, I gave it a go right away. First, I do like the vaginal part of it, it is a good size and hardness; second, the product smells really bad, no matter how well I clean it; third, the anal portion isnt rigid enough for me: I had a bit of a problem getting the anal portion in, no matter how much lube I used. If it was more rigid, I would have found this to be my favorite toy ever.
anonymous Verified Buyer
Feb 10, 2006
Review of SE0834-12
Worked great. Couldnt wait to try this, so when received it, Used it in the car on the way to school...OMG loved the stimulation...
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jan 8, 2006
Review of SE0834-12
i think it could be bigger and needs more power in all it feels good and is worth the money.
Buttbonker Verified Buyer
Sep 26, 2005
Review of SE0834-12
My GF and I call it our Fun Blue Thing. We found more and more uses than you could imagine. One of our favorites is to use it on her as a DP toy... the size of the prongs are very comfortable in her (and my) openings. When fully inserted, the vibrator hits your taint just right. We used it last night by inserting both prongs in my butt... felt great... not too stretched... but I knew it was there. We highly recommend this toy.
MsBlueEyes Verified Buyer
Sep 18, 2005
Review of SE0834-12
This is one of my favorite toys. I just absolutly LOVE it. Just the right size and fit to get me dripping wet. I would recommend this toy to anyone who is a TOY LOVER. You can use it alone, or with a partner. GO OUT AND GET IT!!! Definately a Must Have!!!!
AHHHHHHHHH Verified Buyer
Jun 23, 2005
Review of SE0834-12
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jun 8, 2005
Review of SE0834-12
WOW! this thing really works the pussy and ass up. I love IT! It only takes a few minutes to make me cum over and over.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jun 3, 2005
Review of SE0834-12
Two words : Ooooohhhh...yeeeesssss....!!!!
Sarah Verified Buyer
Mar 13, 2005
Review of SE0834-12
Im worn out, but still want more! slides into your ass with no effort, good vibe. BUT the best of man let me do him while I sucked him off! Now he wants more too! Shafts could be a bit bigger, but all in all a great buy. gotta go find it now!

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