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Sasha Grey Ultraskyn Cream Pie Pocket P*ssy Sex Toy Product

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Sasha Grey Ultraskyn Cream Pie Pocket P*ssy

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(18 Reviews)
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MSRP:  $26.99
Price:   $21.79
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Product Details

  • Weight: 10.40 Ounces
  • Width: 2.60 Inches
  • Length: 5.30 Inches
  • Insertable Length: 4.80 Inches
  • Features: Phthalate Free ,
    Phthalate Free - Phthalate Free products have no esters, softeners or plasticizers.
    Made in USA ,
    Made in USA - Made in USA products are manufacturer in the United States of America.
    Single Entry
    Single Entry - A toy with one tunnel for penetration.
  • Materials: Realistic
    Realistic - A mixture of phthalate free TPE and TPR that feels like skin. Use only water based or silicone based lubricants. Do not use oil-based lubricants. For upkeep add cornstarch to prevent deterioration.
  • Color: Beige
  • Pornstars: Sasha Grey
    Sasha Grey - Born March 14, 1988 in Sacramento, California. Sasha won 2008 AVN Female Performer of the year, becoming the youngest person to win the award. Sasha starred in Pirates II and won 2010 AVN Award for The Jenna Jameson Crossover Star of the Year.
  • Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  • Brand: Sasha Grey
  • UPC: 782421995218
  • SKU: DJ541002
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Product Description

Doc Johnson's newest pussy is also one of porn's newest and most recognized stars. Sasha Grey has starred in numerous adult films. But for the first time you can perform with her in the Sasha Grey Cream Pie Pocket Pussy. Made of Doc Johnson's Non-Phthalate Ultraskyn, ribbed for his pleasure and conveniently travel size. You can take Sasha anywhere, so why not into your deepest fantasies where you are the director and her leading man!

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18 Reviews
Sean Verified Buyer
Oct 3, 2014
Trying to be helpful
Ok, I am writing this not only out of my sympathy for men in my position, but also for the manufacturer. Here's the deal, short and sweet, GF for past year gave it up at least once a day... I have huge sex drive. Relationship been over close to six months and as much as I love sex, I refuse to do the casual hookup anymore. So, the hand is REALLY getting old and I figure, hey, I will give the toy a try. Well, don't get me wrong, NO where near the real thing but WAY better than the hand lmao. Now, here is the part that the manufacturers will hopefully read... FIRST time cleaning this thing and the membrane busts at the tip. Seriously? You guys made a good product.... why skimp out on the durability factor? It's one entry... you gotta fill it up with water to clean it. The tip expands like a rubber... I let it fill to maybe an inch and then it busts. Cmon... no excuse here for you guys who make this thing. I should make a pocket pussy... I would make a fortune cause you guys are too cheap... ya think???
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Sep 9, 2014
After I tore my original pocket pussy I decided to check out the local shop to see what they had to offer. After looking around (and at the suggestion of the wonderful cashier) I decided to give this one a try. The first thing I noticed was that unlike some, this one didnt have that nasty rubber smell to it. The material is fairly stretchy and after lubing up the inside I had no trouble fitting inside. While it was tight, I didnt find that it was to tight as other people have claimed. The ribs on the inside provided a subtle stimulation that enhanced the toy. Cleaning it wasnt to difficult, but if you're looking to see your cum drip out i'd recommend not cumming all the way inside as the suction held it inside and i had to use my hand to squeeze it back out. If you use to much lube it can also be a little noisy if that's a concern. All in all, it was well worth the money compared to many of the cheaper pocket pussies on the market.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Apr 2, 2013
Great for the money
I recently got out of a fairly serious 2 year relationship a few months back. During this relationship I had sex frequently, but since the breakup, I only have sex about 2-4 times a month depending on how often I go out on nights/weekends and bring women back to my apartment. This was quite a dramatic change in how often I was having sex, so I started masturbating again to curb my sex urges. I was really getting tired of my left hand though, and I decided to check out some sex toys. Enter Sasha Grey Cream Pie Pocket Pussy. This thing is pretty great. It looks pretty awesome (although the pink on the pussy lips fades rapidly) and feels great. It is much more enjoyable than using your hand, and cleanup is much simpler. Some reviews I read complained about this thing being really tight. I disregarded those reviews when making my decison to purchase because I believed they were written by guys trying to brag about their penis size. I WAS WRONG. I don't consider myself to be very well hung (average or maybe even on the smaller end of average), but this thing was pretty damn tight. If you are on the larger end of the cock size spectrum, you might want to invest in something else because you will likely either have issues fitting inside it, or you will tear it when using--it is definitely a tight fit. But overall its pretty great. I will say that I've notice two smaller tears in the interior, and this is slightly disappointing given that I have uses this less than a dozen times. That being said, this thing costs about 10 bucks so if it ends up breaking I woulnd't consider it a bad investment
Thor Verified Buyer
Jan 8, 2013
Not that great.
You get what you pay for I guess. This does what it says but it does not feel that great. And it is decently loud with the sloshing sounds once there is enough lube. I didn't like it but others might. Try it for your self.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Nov 2, 2012
Too tight...
Sasha is very sexy so this pussy was an easy sell, but it didn't live up to the reputation. Everything was just fine w/ this unit except for one thing; it was TOO TIGHT! I don't consider myself to have an above-average girth, but wow was this tight. It almost cut off circulation! It didn't feel good at all and was a disappointment. Also, I liked that it was easy to clean but has a closed end to hold your load. I know its a creampie toy for a reason, but it was very short and you can't get much of your cock in it. Plus, the ribs inside don't offer much sensation. so pretty much the only good this about this product was the look of it and the name, Sasha.
love it Verified Buyer
Oct 1, 2012
love it
I bought the pocket pussy about a week ago and it arrived today, this was the first time i bought a toy for myself and man was I impressed, it was so life like it feels like the real thing. For its price this is well worth getting. A+++
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Sep 8, 2012
Good product
Recommended to get one. One just needs to learn the trick to loosen as it is too tight.
Gman Verified Buyer
Aug 14, 2012
Blew my freakin' mind
This is the first toy I have ever owned. My girlfriend was afraid that I was using my hand too much and de-sensitizing my member, because I took too long in ejaculating. Much of sexuality is learned behavior, so I thought using a toy that feels like the real thing would "train" me. When I bought it, I was so interested to see what it looked like and how it functioned that I rushed straight home. Got the lube, and OMG! It blew my mind! I am a bit below avg length so it fit just right. Clean up was easy. I highly recommend it!
Ladysman2u Verified Buyer
Jul 4, 2012
Like the real thing!
First of all shipping was fast given I ordered it a few days before the 4th of July it arrived on the 5th and only took that long because they don't ship on the 4th. The product itself - this is like the real thing! You have to lube it up and finger that pussy. If you're anything like me you got to really work it to loosen it because even after fingering it awhile with even two fingers I couldn't insert my dick. Damn Sasha has to be freaking tight! After doing it the first time which was a really tight experience (never been with a virgin but I imagine that's what it feels like) I got some rest and tried again. The 2nd time was a little looser but still incredibly tight. You gotta be rock hard to get yourself inside. After even more rest I just tried for a third time mere minutes ago. I inserted 2 fingers and held the pussy open that way as I inserted myself. The 3rd time was definately the charm here! An incredible experience and very much like the real thing! You're definately going to have to break this pussy in and even then you will have a tight experience. I can tell I loosened it up some. It looks like a well fucked pussy now (it looked virginal when I first got it) but I know the next time I'm gonna have to lube and finger it again to get it ready. For the price this is very much worth it. Even fingering this pussy feels like fingering the real thing. I might try for a bigger size one next time out because I'm definately thick enough to make getting inside my Sasha a challenge. And it didn't take long for me to bottom out once inside and loosened enough. Overall still an A+ I'm one very satisfied customer!
fatal1284 Verified Buyer
Jun 29, 2012
Had a lot of doubts...i have no more!
Shipping went within the indicated time frame and the product is eventually different from what i was expecting...but in a good way. It looks good thats for a start! And with some lube (not much needed), boy how that feels good...never expected a synthetic product to get that close to the real thing, well done Doc Johnson, hats off!
Shino Verified Buyer
Nov 8, 2011
An amazing product!
For it's price it's quality and feel is great. The suction from it being only one entry is by far better than those with a hole on each end. It arrived in perfect condition as well.
First time buyer Verified Buyer
Nov 5, 2011
Amazing feel!
The material used feels like the real thing. Just lube up your thing and a little in Sasha, then you're ready to go. This makes masturbation so much more enjoyable.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Sep 28, 2011
Great product for the price, but .....
Wish it was 2-3 inches longer & not so freaking tight. I hope it streaches out a bit cuz I can bearly get it in. Does anyone know a way to fix that before it rips in half? The skin was very soft and almost like the real thing.
yankeeboy718 Verified Buyer
Aug 31, 2011
how but how
ive bought a a toy b4 and it was wack i mean it was like 30 dollars and when it came it was a big piece of rubber with a condom looking thing in the back of it for a pussy, i was like wtf! then i order this the other day and couldnt wait for it to come, i swear i stood by my door every day round 1230 ish waiting for the mail man, and i finally got it yesterday, open it up i was hard automatically, i touch the front of it lightly to see if its like touching the real thing ah man i follow the instructions and i went to work three times that day lol fill her up with lube best 13 bucks in yo life std's free pussy. & now im bout to go to work on it again lol bcareful tho, it could be a lil longer like 7inch then it will be super perfect! word to moses lol
Joe Smith Verified Buyer
Jun 2, 2011
The absolute best!!!
This thing is just like the real thing. It feels like the real thing and smells better then the real thing. It is very tight though, but once I got in I reached the bottom. It just needed a little help getting there. If this is really how the real Sasha Grey is then she would be in for the ride of her life.
Houston couple Verified Buyer
Apr 2, 2011
Awesome pocket pussy.
It feels really good, Ive owned a lot of these and this is definitely high on my list. It is a average on the actual sensation when entering, however, unlike most other products, this thing is heavy and feels more like the real thing, not like a little bit of jelly around your own fist. It was worth buying.
Carlito Verified Buyer
Dec 16, 2010
Best product I have tried!!!
This is a must have for anyone looking for a good pocket pussy. Once you get all the air out, the suction feels just like the real thing. You wont be able to last, I promise. Take my advice, get this for yourself. You will not regret it.
jas holiday Verified Buyer
Dec 13, 2010
Received the product fast, but when I opened it there was a rip In it. Wasn't worth the cost to send back.

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