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Clover Nipple Clamps

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(23 Reviews)
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MSRP:  $26.99
Sale Price:   $18.49
You Save:  $8.50 (31%)

Product Details

  • Weight: 4.00 Ounces
  • Width: 1.60 Inches
  • Length: 18.40 Inches
  • Insertable Length: 18.40 Inches
  • Materials: Metal
    Metal - A solid material and chemical element that is a good conductor of both electricity and heat.
  • Color: Silver
  • Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  • Brand: Reds Leather
  • UPC: 782421211905
  • SKU: DJ2081-01
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Product Description

These adjustable-tension clamps add zest to your nipple-tease play. Shiny metal with clover design.

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23 Reviews
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Oct 12, 2013
Good squeeze but not adjustable
These give a great squeeze, but they are not adjustable (don't get tighter with pulling) and the chain sometimes gets stuck on the swinging bits of the clamps, causing them to not tighten. Not worth the money in my book.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Mar 6, 2013
not as good as they look and really not adjustable
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Feb 27, 2013
Ouch....Ouch....Ouch - In the Best Way!
I love love these clamps!! I read other reviews that said they were kidding! I love nipple play and these are perfect. The initial tension is pretty amazing, but after tugging on the chain a couple times to tighten the grip, I come without even touching myself. My relationship is a long distance one, but when we talk or email I find myself using these amazing clamps - can't wait to use them when we are together!! Best toy ever!!!
trishster Verified Buyer
Feb 20, 2013
Perfect Pinch!
I just received my Clover Nipple Clamps and am wearing them right now. I adore the grip,which I do not find too much at all. I tug on the chain every few minutes, which tightens the tension on my nipples. I enjoy the pain/pleasure experience and the Clover clamps deliver!! The more I pull on the chain, the tighter the grip. I am going to try to wear these for a few hours tonight and tomorrow am going to add the Anal Explorer. I am sure this combination of nipple and ass play will make me orgasm over and over. Cannot wait to clip one side to me and one to my partner while we have sex. Great product!!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jul 1, 2012
Great Product
These worked great! the wife loved them . I thought they could be a little heavier but they worked fine. The wife liked that they did not fall off during sex. i like the fact that they get tighter when pulled. They could use some clip on weights that would be great.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Oct 11, 2011
I'm Asian and have 2 inch nipples that love to be treated roughly. My husband pulls on the chain when I'm having an orgasm and it sends me through the roof
boobybits Verified Buyer
Jul 26, 2011
A fun addition to your slap and tickle adventures. The virgin user may wish to take it easy at first as they can pinch. On that note, you won't forget to take'em off. :+) Another use: I used them on my jeans when I attended a rock concert recently. They looked great with my other dangly bits and bobs.
kittengrl Verified Buyer
Jul 19, 2011
Dual purpose clamp
First off, these clamps are TIGHT. If you don't like a nice hard bite, then these are not for you. My clamps are dual purpose. My nipples are very sensitive to clamps, so my dom only uses them on the nipples for punishment. After a few minutes, I am feeling VERY punished. However, for good girl treatment, he hangs them off my labia. The pinch there is amazing and I love it.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Dec 26, 2008
Review of DJ2081-01
I love these! Classic design, and mean as all get-out!
anonymous Verified Buyer
Nov 11, 2008
Review of DJ2081-01
I enjoy having my tits stimulated and like to see how much pain they can take. These hold up over time and never lose their grip. I love pinching them on and tugging with gentle tugs and harder and harder tugs until I am writhing in pain and ectasy at the same time. It is a dual pleaure and pain sensation and is a real aphrodesiac. I love to do it while my lover fucks me all day long. The more I get, the more I want. These will drive any titties wild!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jan 30, 2007
Review of DJ2081-01
This product was absolutely amazing! It was more than I had expected.The clamps made my once tiny nipples the size of grapes after a few months of frequent use! I put them on and tug and twist them on my nipples and OMG what a sensation. My pussy is dripping with cum in a matter of seconds. The pleasure far outweighs the pain. I would highly recommend these clamps to anyone that loves nipples torture and teasing.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jun 27, 2006
Review of DJ2081-01
Fantastic!!!!!!!!!! If you love hard nipple stimulation like I do. My nipples are twice the size they were and I love it. I use them while I fuck myself with my Holmes and my giant dong. I put the weighted one over the chain and OMG immediate ecstacy.....I cum and cum and cum and cum some more.The pressure is so strong, I love it!
wendy Verified Buyer
May 11, 2006
Review of DJ2081-01
This item is hot. I am eager to get another set. Keep your nipples perky and stimulated. I can cum from this stimulation. Thanks.
Richie Verified Buyer
Dec 16, 2005
Review of DJ2081-01
Clover Clamps - Still a classic. Just remember NEVER apply them directly to the nipple! Clover clamps are in my personal top 10 of sex toys. Theyre not for beginners, but they can really make you go wild!
JiM Verified Buyer
Dec 13, 2005
Review of DJ2081-01
I have worked my nipples for 25 years or more. They are quite big, about 1/2 long, and puffy. They got that way through use of Japanese style clover clamps. This supplier has them at the most reasonable (1980s) price I have encountered. (They often market at $25!) Clover clamps are designed so that the more pressure is put on yanking them off, the harder they bear down on the nipples. This has permitted me to attached fishing weights to tackle that I can tie to the clamps with nylon wire, using anglers swivel hooks that can be loaded up with the weights. (I can take up to two pounds of lead, or more.) I would recommend clover clamps to anyone who wants nipple enlargement. And, as I said, this is the most reasonable price around. What a good website!
jay Verified Buyer
Aug 30, 2005
Review of DJ2081-01
The clamps are a little lighter weight metal than I expected, but are still very nice. They have a great rubbery pad coating on the tips that prevent cutting when pulled on. but believe me that does not mean they dont get the job done! The chain is a nice heavier duty metal and is 1 foot long... although it will not detatch without bending the loops. Clover nipple clamps are by far the best type of clamp out there because of thier tightening nature when tugged.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jul 14, 2005
Review of DJ2081-01
I just received them a few days ago and....OMGGGG... they hold so well when pulled, and really put me in the mood and want to be fucked as soon as I put them on....;) They pinch really hard and so be prepared for a little pain, like when somone bites your nipple. I added a weight to the chain to really tug on my breasts..... definently cant wait to play with these more really soon.
Darlene Verified Buyer
Jun 5, 2005
Review of DJ2081-01
Wow, I love nipple torture and the clamps lived up to all my expectations. My nipples start to tingle when I think of using them. When my lover pulls on them it drives me wild. I would recommend these to anyone who likes their nipples pinched extremely hard. It was definately worth the price. I love to attach one on my nipple and the other on my lovers and when we are getting close to an orgasm pull on them.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Mar 29, 2005
Review of DJ2081-01
The trick to these is to set them further back on the nipple encompassing more skin and avoiding the tip of the nipple unless you are more used to the harder pressures, one of the few types you can leave on for longer periods of time (Like shopping!) also a simplly BRILLIANT conversation starter when dangling from your rear view mirror...
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Mar 28, 2005
Review of DJ2081-01
Very intense clamps. Tug on them and they get tighter, if that is possible. For the dedicated devotee of nipple torture.
bdeezme Verified Buyer
Mar 9, 2005
Review of DJ2081-01
I just got this product yesterday and it is great. I have used a variety of clips over the years. These are the first clover design I have used and they have probably made my others nearly obsolete. They absolutely work as expected. I just wore them for about an hour while driving around and running errands and the feeling was wonderful. I finally had to pull over and remove them. That was also a rush. Since I am a guy with small nipples other clips sometimes fall off or pull off when tugged. These stay on and tighten nicely when tugged. I am looking forward to lots more fun with them and cant wait to add them to the next erotic experience with my lover.
cris Verified Buyer
Feb 23, 2005
Review of DJ2081-01
too tight at the begining, you have to try little by little to get your nipples use to it.
Char Verified Buyer
Feb 17, 2005
Review of DJ2081-01
Ouch. My nipples like a lot of stimulation, but these were too much for me. You have to really like a tight, strong pinch to use these. Might work well on the vaginal area. Will have to give this a try.

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