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Spectragel Anal Stuffer Sex Toy Product

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Spectragel Anal Stuffer

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(36 Reviews)
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MSRP:  $16.99
Price:   $14.19
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Product Details

  • Weight: 8.00 Ounces
  • Width: 1.60 Inches
  • Length: 5.80 Inches
  • Insertable Length: 5.30 Inches
  • Materials: PVC
    PVC - PVC, sometimes referred to as jelly, is a plastic made more flexible and soft by the addition of plasticizers or phthalates. Some odor is usually detectable with PVC toys. Use soap and warm water or toy cleaner to disinfect.
  • Color: Purple
  • Texture: Smooth
    Smooth - An evenly consistent surface.
  • Shapes: Graduated
    Graduated - Increases in small intervals or stages.
  • Manufacturer: Doc Johnson
  • Brand: Spectra Gels
  • UPC: 782421511807
  • SKU: DJ0290-08
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Product Description

6 inch 4 bulb jelly anal plug with base. Bulbs range from 1.25 to 1.5 inches wide.

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36 Reviews
Nov 10, 2015
The second this came in I lubed it up and enjoyed it filling me up so much, it's taking some time getting used to wearing it for long periods of time. So far I can keep it in for 2 hours with no problem. It is by far the most comfortable plug I have ever gotten.
Leon Verified Buyer
Jan 31, 2014
anal stuffer
Couldn't get passed the third section - too much pain.
Nikki Verified Buyer
Nov 14, 2013
Very nice, easy insertion, fit nicely& stays in. Kept it in all day. Not for a novice.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Sep 22, 2013
took a bit of getting used to it, but nice
NOT for the anal novice. As others have said, getting over that middle bulge can be tough. A tapered plug is easier to use to stretch your anus to accept a larger plug. Don't jam it in, if it hurts you need to back off. Pain = injury. I've kept it in all day, and it feels good. It is neat to wear when you go out, knowing what is in your ass that others don't know.
joyrider Verified Buyer
May 5, 2013
great fun
this is fantastic stimulation. little bump when it goes in, then great slide while the bulk of it stretches and massages. soft, no pain, just will give you a thrill.
Verdredi Verified Buyer
Apr 21, 2013
Bigger than I thought.
The toy was much bigger than I thought it was going to be, 6 inches may not sound like much but it is! It's also much thicker than most people can take on their first go at training themselves. So maybe not a great first time toy but surely a good toy none the less.
Mike Verified Buyer
Apr 20, 2013
This is by far the best toy I got (except maybe for Feeldoe Stout), just the right size, soft but not too soft. Heavenly feeling. Use it as a plug, move it in and out by hand or stick it on a chair (it has just enough suction) and sit on it.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Feb 25, 2013
This little gem is perfection in every way. Just the right length and width plus the material is soft enough for extended use. No discomfort and no external chaffing even after hours of use.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Feb 3, 2013
Perfect for long time wear
The first time I got this in I felt so full but I could only keep it in for about 15 minutes. After that I added more lube and started to thrust it in and out,amazing feeling!
Soo Good Verified Buyer
Nov 20, 2012
Feels good
This plug is a good all around plug to just have around. You can stick it on the toilet seat and just go up and down on it. It feels good that way or just wear it inside you. My only problem is that after I wear it awhile my anus muscules loosen and it wants to start coming out. It is the same girth as the meduim butt plug. Over all a good plug.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Sep 17, 2012
Love it
so i bought this product when my husband was way. i got it like a week later. when i first got it i was a little worried that i wouldnt like it. so after i lubed and tried to insert it. i figured it was a big fail but when i got it in. i almost went into a full body quiver. it was so amazing. the first instert was rough so i decieded to just let it sit in there for a bit. than like 4 hrs later i decided to do it again this time i used the suction cup and rode it like i owned it. before u know it i was begging for more. i am so in love with plug...i would recommend it even for the plus size girl who like me =)
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Sep 13, 2012
Love my new toy!
I got it very fast in the mail. When it arrived I immediately tried it out...perfect fit! I've tried sleeping with it in overnight like some of the other reviews suggested, and it feels great. I love how it feels inside of me. Thank you and I look forward to buying other toys and products from your site.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Sep 7, 2012
Great for beginner!
This is the first toy Ive ever purchased and I'm glad I did. This is great for a beginner. I thought it would take some time to get it all the way in but it didn't, I just lubed up and it went it and it wasn't painful at all. It felt good enough to walk around with it in. Would recommend for someone new to anal.
Antha Verified Buyer
Aug 31, 2012
I love this product!!!!!!
When I this product arrived I could not wait to use it. It was perfect! It was easy to insert and was just the right size to keep in for extended period of time. I slept with it in and wore it out around town and to work. It kept me stimulated the whole time I had it in!! My husband loves to put it in me and watching me walk around doing house work. He also enjoys having me on my hands and knees showing his friends. Its a great product!!!!
Sharon T. Verified Buyer
Aug 18, 2012
Not for first timers.
This is no beginner's plug! It is not the length, but the girth that gives one pause. After much lube and patience it did fit. Once in this little number does not fall out. I could even get up and walk around.
SB Verified Buyer
Jul 25, 2012
Worth every penny
This toy slid right in the very first time. I like the flexibility. It's very comfortable once inserted and is perfect for prolonged wearing. Highly recommended.
drj54000 Verified Buyer
Jul 5, 2012
Reviews Hold TRUE
Received mine today. Wasted no time getting it out of the package and using it. Most gratifying sensation. I plan on sleeping with it in.
Prometheus Verified Buyer
Jul 2, 2012
Awesome product!
This plug is absolutely AWESOME!It is my first and may be my last, or at least my favorite. lol I received it in 3 days and couldn't wait to try it out! After I lubed it, as well as my ass up, I slowly began to insert it. Never having used one before you can imagine the pain I was in and wondered if I had wasted my money. I found out that my method of insertion wasn't working for me, so I set it down on the toilet seat using the suction base, bit the bullet,and sat down on it. It hurt as it went in, but once it was I was in pure ecstasy! It felt so good that I never wanted to remove it. :) BTW, I have it up my ass as I write this review! ;)
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jun 20, 2012
feel empty without it
second butt plug i have owned and i love it. i put it in almost everyday and keep it in throughout and i even sleep with it in my ass. it feels great and when i don't have it in i feel like my ass is begging for it.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
May 15, 2012
Love it!
Feels so amazing in your ass!! Takes a few tries to get the whole thing in, be gentle, don't force it. But once you get it in you'll never want to take it out!
YourSaturdayNightObsession Verified Buyer
Aug 16, 2011
Doctor, doctor.
I've just started in anal play, and I've bought quite a few products going from beads to various plugs and thus far Doc Johnson kept my attentions.. The Spectra gel line in particular has enough flexibility to where you don't fear being out of commission after a good session but firm enough for you to enjoy every bit taken in. Honestly, for the cost, it's a steal.
artemis Verified Buyer
Jun 10, 2011
This is a must have
I purchased this after reading the reviews as I was looking for a plug I could wear during the day ... in prep for my evening. This rocks. it is very comfortable to insert as well wear for long play... great for training as well as play and you cant beat the cost! A must have
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jan 14, 2011
I like the product
This product is the right size to get used to anal sex. You can start out slow and it is comfortable enough to wear out on the town once you do get used to it. It is perfect for someone that wants to explore anal sex. It does take some getting used to but it's arousing and fun. I am the type of person that likes a challenge and anal is a challenge for me. This toy is great and I hope if you choose to get it you enjoy it as much as I do.
Ben Verified Buyer
Dec 15, 2010
Better than Excellent!
This is by far the best anal product I've ever used! It took a little patience and persistence, but when I got it past the mid-point it sucked itself over the last hump and all the way in. It filled me up like I never have been before! It felt so comfortable and is excellent for extended wear. It stays in your ass and is ergonomically pleasing when sitting, standing, walking etc...Once it was in I never wanted to take it out! It felt so good! It also has a suction cup bottom, it's not the best suction cup I've ever used, but it works. If you've experimented with anal stimulation already this is a great, dare I say the best, option for the money! I can't get enough of this toy!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Dec 6, 2010
Filled me up!!!
While at home alone on a December afternoon with my wife doing some holiday shopping, I decided to make this monster work for me. Together, my wife and I have only gotten me through the first two bulbs. I was determined to stuff it all in. I enjoyed the thrill of making over the third hump - and then having the payoff of the smaller fourth hump to keep it in place - JUST right. I have now had this in me for over an hour - sitting, standing, walking to the mailbox. It feels SOOOOO good. It is not for the faint-of-heart. This thing is large. But once you get it in, you will enjoy it.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
May 6, 2010
Awesome butt plug
This is a very exciting product. Not too much going in, then fills you up and calms back down! Essential to any toybox!!!
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Apr 19, 2010
Makes You Cum!
My wife and I tried this tonight. The suction cup base held it to the closed toilet seat, and as I rode it up and down, my wife sucked me off as she masturbated for me. What an incredible orgasm! I came in about 30 seconds! (so did she!) You can't help but cum because the ridges feel so good rubbing against your prostate! The only downside is that it's a little wobbly, but once you get it inside, look out! By the way, she says it's her turn next!
Staff Pick - Justin Verified Buyer
Feb 15, 2010
Staff Review
Doc Johnson Spectra Gels Anal Stuffer is a flexible, mid-size anal plug. Prepare your butt for a quadruple of jelly bubbles. Tipped for fuss free insertion, this plug rewards the journeymen. Once you hit the midpoint your ass accepts it, giving you a welcomed fullness without demoralizing your rump. Whether your a pro or a beginner the shape will radiate your prostate. Don't forget to lube up!
Buddy-B Verified Buyer
Jan 8, 2010
Get this!
Excellent quality and value for this type of product. 6" overall length, 5 1/2" insert-able, 1 3/4" at the widest. Highly recommended plug. :)
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Aug 5, 2009
The perfect plug!
The size is great, not too large or too small, the material is soft and flexible so it's not painful, the base is narrow enough that it's not uncomfortable to wear for longer periods, there's enough of a taper from the bottom bulb to the base so it stays in, plus it's very affordable. Perfect.
Calvin Verified Buyer
Jun 2, 2007
Review of DJ0290-08
The best fucking anal toy ever! Guys try this by yourselves: Drink a ton of water or beer or whatever..just get your bladder full to bursting, and I mean to the point where you practically cant walk without losing it. Put a towel or two down on your bed(put something waterproof under the towels like a large unopened trash bag. Relax, get naked and squirt a good bit of lube into your ass, lube up the anal stuffer and slowly insert it all the way up. Now lay on the towels,take a good shot of poppers, and start slowly humping the bed.When you get the feel for where it is, you can aim the stuffer and it will hit your prostate and bladder just right and FUCK! All that and the poppers and man oh man, what a completely friggin screaming orgasm! The whole thing may cause you to totally lose your pee, but dont worry, if you did the plastic bag and towels right, you can let rip and you dont have to worry. In fact, it feels pretty good. Now that I think of it, kinky, wickedly good. Go for it. Im getting wet writing about it. I havent done it for a while...think Im gonna do it tonight.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Dec 2, 2005
Review of DJ0290-08
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Sep 20, 2005
Review of DJ0290-08
This is a great product. Its size is perfect for the person not ready to go to the real big stuff but wanting more than the small plugs provide. It is really solid, yet flexible and smooth. Insertion is exciting as you engulf each bubble. When you reach midpoint you feel full and stuffed and when it is all the way in it is dreamlike. The toy is long enough to hit your prostrate and give you a satisfying full feeling but not hurt like some toys that are too long. The plug is 5.5 inches without including the base and says in with no problem. Mine did not have the suction cup bottom spoke of above, maybe a design change, but I straddled it on the toilet while holding the the base and bounced on it. Let me tell you it will not be long until you cum doing this. It was well worth the low price. The quality will ensure a long lasting toy with many pleasure filled memories. A must have for any butt plug lover or experimenter.
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Aug 27, 2005
Review of DJ0290-08
This product is the first actual anal product i bought and it is an excelent product it fills you up but is comfortable enough that you can leave it in for a while. It is fun to have it in and find something to sit on to shove it in further and bounce on it
Anonymous Verified Buyer
Jul 22, 2005
Review of DJ0290-08
This is the best plug I own. It is really filling and offers nice smooth surface to slide in and out with. A little lube really goes a long way with this plug. I am getting hot just thinking about it.
Chris Verified Buyer
May 19, 2005
Review of DJ0290-08
The first plug for myself. Lots of lube to slide all the way inside my rear. Once in, giving the feeling of fullness ah wonderful. Great for someone halfway up the ladder of experience plugwise. Suggest getting used to it then leaving it in all day. Worth the price, feels great, stays in. Also the base acts as a suction. Find something smooth to sit on and thrust it in an out.

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